It is a fairly known and accepted fact that the number of freelancers and writers continues to rise exponentially. In this situation, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd and to demonstrate your expertise in every word that you dish out. Your writing should be stellar in all respect, and one way to … Continue reading "Are you using research to stand out and earn better-paying writing assignments?"

The transition from being a journalist to a content marketer is anything, but easy. In the previous post I discussed how you use the same skill sets for both but the two professions demand a totally different mindset. To begin with, the switch from journalism to content marketing is usually under duress. As the opportunity … Continue reading "LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN JOURNALISTS AND CONTENT MARKETING"

I have been a journalist all my life and have written for some of the biggest media houses and online publishers in India and abroad. In the past few years, I have been increasingly involved into non-journalistic or content marketing work. This made me realize how the journalistic skills that I acquired over the years … Continue reading "JOURNALISTIC SKILLS CAN POWER YOUR CONTENT MARKETING CAREER"

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