I faced a weird situation a few years back. I was doing all the right things: pitching consistently, following up regularly, networking, maintaining a good relationship with existing clients, and so on. Even so, my income remained static month after month. It was frustrating and I was disheartened. I discussed the problem with an old … Continue reading "Don’t Let These Mindset Issues Stunt Your Freelancing Growth"

The transition from being a journalist to a content marketer is anything, but easy. In the previous post I discussed how you use the same skill sets for both but the two professions demand a totally different mindset. To begin with, the switch from journalism to content marketing is usually under duress. As the opportunity … Continue reading "LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN JOURNALISTS AND CONTENT MARKETING"

I have been a journalist all my life and have written for some of the biggest media houses and online publishers in India and abroad. In the past few years, I have been increasingly involved into non-journalistic or content marketing work. This made me realize how the journalistic skills that I acquired over the years … Continue reading "JOURNALISTIC SKILLS CAN POWER YOUR CONTENT MARKETING CAREER"