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Power Up Your Writing With Journalistic Skills teaches you how to use journalism researching,writing, and editing skills to take your writing skills a notch higher to land high-paying content jobs.There is strong evidence to suggest that the journalistic approach is preferred and even demands apremium in the content marketing world. It is not a coincidence that several six-figure-dollarfreelancers are from a journalistic background.

The good news is that one can easily learn these skills to produce a more compelling and impactfulcontent, which empowers you to work with big-ticket clients and reach your earning goals, year-after-year.

Power Up Your Writing With Journalistic Skills
is for content writers, who are:

This is a perfect time to adopt journalistic practices to power up your writing. Over the last fewyears, Google has consistently changed its algorithm to give weightage to the original content.

In this book, I share the principles of journalism skills, which continue to help me draft content thatstands out and acquire dream clients, including Fortune 500 firms. It has also helped me build arobust client-base for my content agency,

The three core areas in which journalistic skills help you are :

Comprehensive Research : This is a key skill that almost all high-paying content jobs require.Whether it is a thought leadership article, case study or white paper, they demand extensiveresearch. In this section, I discuss the importance of researching; ways and means of conductingthorough and reliable research and how to organize your research.

Write Like A Journalist : Journalists use specific writing methods, like Inverted Pyramid Style ofwriting, that you can easily adopt to churn out engaging content pieces that will help you acquirehigh-paying clients, helping you reach your goals.

Editing : Editing is an integral part of journalistic writing. While you might not have the luxury of aneditor as a content writer, you must develop editing skills to stand apart from other writers. It meansthe difference between good and great writing


About the Author

Gagandeep Kaur is a seasoned journalist, freelance writer, and entrepreneur. Over a career spanning two decades, she has written for several prominent publications including The Guardian, Gulf News,Womens eNews, Light Reading, Business World,India Together, Women's Feature Service, The New Indian Express, Business Standard, The Times of India, Inter Press Service (IPS), Dataquest, Voice&Data, and Telecom Talk, among several others. Her work has been quoted by First Post, aprominent website in India, and she has been interviewed by ABC Network and Gulf News.

She is the founder of Deepworkz Media Services, a content agency that works with several global well-established firms i n the telecom, technology and personal finance space. Her corporate clientsinclude Parallel Wireless, ZTE, Sterlite Technologies, Skyword, Newsmodo, Lavelle Networks,Bytedance, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Cyient, and many more.

Kaur regularly shares her insights and experiences through her blog, free resources and courses, toempower writers and freelancers to grow their business by finding more and better-paying clients.She likes staring at wall in her free time and is known to down at least four cups of coffee before shestarts moving her fingers on the keyboard


This book is your one-stop destination if you are looking for tools to take your writing to the next level and reach your income goals. It is also for you if you are looking to churn out super-awesome copies without putting in extra hours.

Even as there is a surge in the number of freelancers across the globe, you don’t need to undercut to grow your freelancing business. There are publications and businesses that are ready to pay more, but you can grab these opportunities only if your writing shines and dazzles.

If you want to grow your profile as a content writer, this book provides tools to develop journalistic skills to empower you to go for high-paying assignments

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