Don’t Let These Mindset Issues Stunt Your Freelancing Growth

I faced a weird situation a few years back. I was doing all the right things: pitching consistently, following up regularly, networking, maintaining a good relationship with existing clients, and so on. Even so, my income remained static month after month. It was frustrating and I was disheartened.

I discussed the problem with an old colleague and discovered that I was undervaluing myself. I just wasn’t charging enough. What we charge for our product or services, depends on a number of factors like market reality, your years of experience and so on. However, it is also about mindset. It speaks volumes about confidence in our skill sets and competence if we are not demanding what we are worth.

Typically freelancers undervalue themselves for two reasons: you don’t believe in your skill sets/services, or you are uncomfortable discussing rates and money matters. If you undervalue your own product or services, the chances are that you will attract the wrong type of clients who are only willing to get work done at the cheapest rate possible and if you work with such clients, you will never be able to increase the price.

In spite of best efforts some times our mindset issues slow us down and can potentially affect our long term achievements as well. In this short e-book, Five Reasons Why Your Freelancing Growth Is Stuck [Free Download], I talk about some of the common reasons which hold us back. It took me years to realize that these factors were preventing me from achieving my income goals.

This e-book will help you if you:

– find yourself wondering why you are unable to grow to the next level?

– undervalue yourself?

– scared of failure?

– don’t market yourself as much as you would like?

– think you are not earning as much as you should in spite of putting in long hours and religiously following all the tips and tricks to make more and acquire dream clients?

– wonder why your income is stuck at the same level, month after month?

Facing and accepting a shortcoming is the first step in addressing the problem. This e-book is designed to help you do exactly that.

I hope the e-book will make you take a good hard look at your strategies and mindset and see if they are preventing you from reaching your business and freelancing goals. More than anything else, I believe it will take you out of your comfort zone and push you to face your demons!

Happy Freelancing!!

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Don’t Let These Mindset Issues Stunt Your Freelancing Growth – GAGANDEEP KAUR