I am a freelance journalist, writer, content strategist and a successful entrepreneur. With work experience spanning more than 15 years, I specialise in writing engaging and impactful content on telecom and industry for magazines, content agencies and corporates.

I have been writing extensively on the Indian telecommunications industry for the last decade. As an expert on the Indian telecom industry, I have served as a Jury member for Frost & Sullivan ICT Awards and have successfully conducted panel discussions and webinars for both in-house and industry events.

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Have been writing extensively on telecom industry for the last 10 years. Was heading the Indian editorial operations of Light Reading from 2010-2014. Quoted as an expert by Capacity Magazine, Gulf News, Business Standard

Written For The Guardian, Gulf News, Womens eNews, Women’s Feature Service, Caravan, Huffington Post, IPS News, World&I and more

Successfully working as Content Marketing Specialist with a number of global telecom and technology firms

My Blog

As freelancers or managers of our small businesses, we are usually guilty of overworking, and typically, we are also averse to taking a break. Whether it is completing 100 blogs for your first clients, acquiring first retainer client, or reaching an income of $100,000 for the first time, the goals need to be acknowledged. Believe … Continue reading "Three Reasons Why It is Important To Celebrate Milestones In Freelancing"

When I started freelancing about five years back, I generally went with the flow. I didn’t bother much about goal setting…I used to pitch randomly without any focus, get work from online jobs, and that was that. But my income remained more or less static. If there is a single factor responsible for my growth … Continue reading "#Growthhack 1: Set Up Effective Goals For Your Freelance Business"

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Gagandeep is a fantastic editor to work with. She is a versatile writer who can write on a broad range of content— be it telecom, social affairs, women empowerment or politics. I have had the opportunity to work with Gagan in two organizations: Light Reading India, UBM and Voice&Data Magazine, CyberMedia. She is extremely supportive, well read and a great mentor. There’s constantly something to learn from her. Early in my career, she played a key role in refining my writing skills and building journalistic acumen.

Jatinder Singh, Manager, Global Business Communication & Research, Ernst & Young.

Gagan’s guidance and insights have enabled me to greatly improve my communication skills. Her long and varied experience allows her to come up with out-of-the-box ideas. More than that, her willingness to help and her positive and growth mindset means that she is always a pleasure to work with.

Akhilesh Shukla, Chief Editor, UC News India.

I came in contact with Gagan in December 2017 and since then, I’ve have been rigorously working with her on different articles which were provided by her to me. She has guided me really well and helped me evolve as a content creator. Thanks to her guidance, I am regularly appreciated for my work and have constantly been getting better writing proposals. I’m immensely grateful to her as she believed in me and my writing skills. Thanks a lot, Gagan!

Prachi Mishra, Content Creator.

If I have to thank someone this year, it would be my wonderful mentor Gagandeep Kaur, who has helped me immensely in my content writing career. She helped me understand the different aspects of writing and pitching…thanks won’t be enough for such a great opportunity!

Popi Kahar, Senior Content Developer.

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