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I am a versatile writer with varied interests, including journalism, feature writing and content marketing. With work experience spanning more than 15 years, I specialise in writing on engaging and impactful content on telecom and industry for magazines, content agencies and corporates. I write for specialist trade publications including Voice&Data, Light Reading and Dataquest. I am also the Co-founder of The Telecom Times, your one-stop-destination for global telecom news, views and insights.

I have been writing extensively on the Indian telecommunications industry for the last decade. As an expert on the Indian telecom industry, I have served as a Jury member for Frost&Sullivan ICT Awards and have successfully conducted panel discussions and webinars for both in-house and industry events. I was heading the editorial of Light Reading India, arm of US-based global media and research business for the communications industry, from 2010-2014. Prior to this, I was working for Voice&Data, India’s premier telecommunications publication.

Content Marketing

Deep knowledge of the telecom and technology ecosystem and rich experience of more than 15 years equips me to create effective and impactful content for the corporates. My work includes (but is not limited to) blogs, byline opinion pieces, advertorials, brochure, press releases, ghost writing for C-level executives, white papers and case studies.

I write for some of the well-known and prominent telecom and technology companies including global telecom vendors, prominent telecom service providers and content agencies.

Telecom, Technology And More!!

Though business and technology writing forms a major part of my work, it is still just one aspect of my work. I have written extensively on gender, development and human-interest stories. I continue to write on these topics for reputed international publications. In a career spanning 15 years I have written for prominent and respected publications such as The Guardian, Gulf News, Womens eNews, Caravan, The Times of India, Business Standard, Huffington Post, World&I, Women's Feature Service, IPS News and The Hindu.

My work has been quoted by First Post and I was recently interviewed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on the issue of Triple Talaq.

Being a full-time writer, I am a stickler for deadlines and follow the brief to the letter.

Specialties: Journalistic Coverage, Feature Writing, Content Marketing, External Communications and Ghostwriting


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